The Pasta Museum!

4 thoughts on “The Pasta Museum!”

  1. You know, I can top that: I *lived* in Rome for over 10 years and never actually visited that museum? Now what was I thinking? Not sure. Ah well, it’s an excuse to come back to Rome, a bit like throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain. (And that’s also under renovation at the moment, so I understand!)

    1. So nice to hear from you Frank! We couldn’t believe how many things were under tarps when we were there last April! And not only that, we had to cope with all the additional “tourists” in Rome for the Cannonization of the two Popes! You couldn’t get anywhere near things for days! We basically headed out of town to Ostia Antica for a day and roamed along the Appian Way. We didn’t throw a coin in the fountain last time because there is not a hope in hell we will not be going back. It must have been “interesting” and quite an adventure to live in Rome that long. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    1. No kidding Victoria! Do you think they will be re-opening in our lifetime??? We are planning that return visit to Rome for next September, keeping our fingers crossed! I think the museum would be fun…then of course you would have to find a place to have some pasta right afterwards! I just heard a couple of days ago that the Fontana di Trevi is being worked on! Of course, these things will be ongoing and I suppose you have to go back many times to cover what you would like to see because of that bit!

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