How to Make Yourself Go Crazy?

Spending hours and hours sourcing countertop and backsplash products, that’s how! This coming from someone who’s a decorator and has a great eye for pattern and colour!

DSCN0583 nx2This adventure began a couple of weeks ago. Let’s go look at various porcelain tile and quartz products at a few showrooms and get in touch with a couple of suppliers I have dealt with in the past. I was determined to have a “travertine” look…which I adore but did not want natural stone. Great…no problem! We found a porcelain tile that could work but the format was way too large for our little kitchen and we would end up with funny cuts and grout lines, not only that I nixed the idea of tiles (which means grout) on the countertop. And then there was that sample made by Corian and….oops…we didn’t love it at all!

Plan B. We head out again and find a few things and get samples. Lesson one if you are going through this process, make sure you not only get the 3 x 3” samples of the quartz but much more importantly phone around and find dealers who will loan you 12 x 12” ones and the same goes for other products, the larger the sample the better. This is an exercise that I cannot stress enough. Home we come clutching our precious products. Firstly, the two quartz samples we liked so much in the 3 x 3” format, turned out to be far too dark once we put up the bigger samples. Our kitchen faces east which means colours look greyer than in other lighting situations. The third sample, very good looking, Carrera marble like, is simply too grey.

Cambria Darlington WindermereThe original plan was to have both countertops and backsplash in the same material. So far we have received two quotes. Here’s the deal and this would be a deal breaker: We have selected an over the range hood/fan and it would look amazing to install the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling behind the hood unit; an area approximately 3’ x 5”. There’s a big drawback with this amazing idea…the two quotes we have gotten so far sell the quartz by the slab and we would have to buy an entire slab to do a piece of wall 3’ x 5”! Jeez at $1,000 I’m thinking that’s almost a plane ticket! We are not into spending the vacation fund on this kitchen…in other words; Rome is calling this fall!

It’s back to the drawing board! We saw something else that could work: a quartz countertop and then 6 x 4” tiles in a coordinating colour/pattern stacked one above the other, unlike subway tiles which are staggered, for the backsplash. There are still two quartz samples leaning against existing backsplash awaiting their fate…and right now it all hinges on a few more quotes coming in as to which way we go!

Tomorrow we head out on the trail once again returning rejected samples, keeping our fingers crossed we find the “perfect” solution!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of #5’s kitchen renovation! By the way, choosing the flooring and appliances were a breeze!

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    • Ya, ya, I know!! Well….we have opted for the much less expensive backsplash and we were just discussing Rome…if only our dollar would co-operate! I am trying…I am really trying! Last spring when we went over to Italy it was at the expense of the kitchen but now…the damned kitchen has gotten to the “holy cow this is not good” stage! Like I said, I’m trying to squeeze every cent to enable us to go to Rome! Where the heck is those lottery winning anyway!

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