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Hot off the presses: kitchen renovation update!

Not so small steps towards bringing together the whole project. Last week the final selections were made for the countertop (Caesarstone), backsplash (porcelain tile) and…here’s a big news flash…we have even selected the grout!

frosty carrina 3

Beige Backsplash Tile 2


There was a glitch with the chimney style fan. We thought it wouldn’t fit but low and behold…we have been advised it can be cut down! Yeah! It will look so cool having the backsplash going up to the ceiling behind the fan.

This coming week brings a meeting with a carpenter we know, to discuss more options for the cabinets! Our designer friend who did the drawings is putting out her feelers to get some quotes too. IKEA appears to be off the table because they changed their systems this month and it appears the sizes of the drawers will not conform to normal standards, meaning that if you don’t want to use their door fronts you can’t change them out for another product because they won’t fit, leaving a buyer no option but to use their product. The cabinets are probably the biggest piece we need to figure out to complete the puzzle. And…to keep to the budget (remember…we want to go to Rome in the fall after the kitchen is completed!)

Keeping our fingers crossed! Wish us luck!

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    • Alba…if we could we would…the uppers were installed in 1993 and not wood, probably MDF and are falling apart. The base cabinets were installed in 2003 as part of an insurance claim after we were flooded when the City water main blew up at the corner of our street. And you know insurance claims, junk with a capital “J”… So the moral of the story is install good stuff the first time!

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