Celebrating a Milestone!

It’s my husband, Joe’s birthday today!

Turning 65 is a rather strange feeling…it was our parents who were 65 not us boomers!

Anyway…not a time to get maudlin but a time to celebrate that you’re still here and still young…or at least is in my eyes! Who knew that way back in the mists of time…time spent enjoying favourite musicians like Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and Jimmy Hendrix in clubs as a teen in Toronto, you would have reached this milestone!

CONGRATULATIONS, here’s to you Joe… embrace this day and all the days to come! Keep dreaming those dreams my Pisces and remember your glass is half full just waiting for you to fill up the other half!


birthday cake


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    • Thanks Frank, we did enjoy ourselves! Joe particularly like the oysters our friends brought to the Indian lamb shank dinner I cooked a couple of days later! It’s always special to celebrate these events with really good friends…sure hope we can convince them to meet up with us in Rome I the fall!

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