Traditions (Is It Easter Yet?)

The coming of spring meant lots of things when I was a little girl. Easter school holidays (hey, it was the 1950’s so it was still called that), were high on my list, not being that keen on school! Then there were new “Easter” dresses, purses, hats and fancy shoes for me and my sister to wear to church. It was loads of fun dying eggs with our mother the day before, experimenting with all those colours and making up designs! There was the annual “Easter Egg Hunt,” held outdoors, weather permitting. Before we went to bed the night before, Sharon and I would leave a glass of milk and a carrot on the kitchen table for the “Easter Bunny.” Poor dad! That Easter egg hunt was almost as good as Christmas morning!

_DSC0447.jpg nx2 pt1When I got older I was assigned the task of making dessert for Easter dinner. At our house it meant “Daffodil Cake”, a recipe mom probably tore out of the newspaper. I can’t tell you how many little gumdrop flower decorations I made for those cakes over the years!

And then…time for Easter dinner. The menu was written in stone and included the usual suspects of baked ham with mustard glaze and pineapple rings (thank gawd those days are long gone, or at least let’s hope so), baked sweet potatoes and some overcooked vegetables (like I said, it was the ’50’s!) I always thought one of the best things were the devilled eggs, sitting there prettily on their special gold trimmed blue, devilled egg plate, made from all those dyed eggs!

New traditions have been adopted along the way. I just have to make, hot crossed buns for Easter morning, and devilled eggs topped with new chives, fresh from the garden, served with a slice of leftover ham and some new crop French Breakfast radishes for lunch the next day.

My husband and I always make a nice “Easter Sunday” dinner, whether we have company or not, just because it’s a nice thing to do. This year’s menu looks something like this: we will be cooking up a Swedish ham (from Oyama Sausage) that needed to be pre-ordered. Not sure about the glaze yet…mulling over some new ideas. I think we might start the dinner with small bowls of pale green leek soup. There might be some asparagus and scalloped sweet potatoes. And then…because it’s a special dinner, and because I seem to have eggs on the brain, a special but easy to make dessert: Italian Lemon Puddings.

Of course, a nice bottle of wine will not go amiss either!

**To make easy Hot Crossed Buns, click here.
**To contact Oyama Sausage, click here.
**If you wish to bake a ham, click here for the link for a delicious one that’s dead easy to make.
**For the recipe for the leek soup, click here.
**For the recipe for the Italian Lemon Pudding, click here.

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  1. We always have devilled eggs served on that same pretty blue plate with the gold trim. I once saw another one in an antique shop and thought of buying it but it wasn’t the same.

    • I’m sure glad someone in the family has that plate…brings back so many memories! Next time take a good photo of it for my blog!

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