Piano, Piano – aka Slowly, Slowly!

That’s how our kitchen renovation is progressing! One wee step at a time! Good thing we started this process in November!

DSC_0826 nx2A pricey custom kitchen would be wonderful to have and if this were twenty years ago, would be well worth it!

So, we opted to go for an IKEA kitchen only to discover the Swedes had decided to change their kitchen systems! I probably mentioned before how choked we were to discover the upper cabinets have been increased from 12” to a 15” depth which they figured is much better for all our large North American kitchens…apparently they think no one lives in condos!

So, after a meeting with our contractor, where we discussed cutting down the upper cabinets from 12” to 15” then cutting down the cabinets themselves from 40” to 36” because 40 “ is way too low; then cutting down the doors.  IKEA’S only other option are 30” tall cabinets…not an option for our needs! After the quote came in on the cost of cutting down everything, it just seemed plain crazy! On to, yup, you guessed it…Plan C…

Plan C led us to a kitchen cabinet place in Port Coquitlam to check out what they have….success! They have all the right sizes…no cutting down required and not only that they have a 21” deep lower cabinet with drawers that we think will improve traffic flow! It seems like a miracle! The quote comes in, the price is right! Woo hoo!!! Cabinets will arrive assembled, meaning we spend less money for the contractor! Great news, we’re now happy campers!

Next step….back to Port Coquitlam to finalize the deal.

They quoted on the Caesarstone too…so we’re going to simplify our lives and do the one-stop shopping thing! Never was a big fan of IKEA anyway!

Just think…next week we can move on to ordering all the other bits and pieces and get the contractor and flooring install dates set up…like I said…piano, piano!  Stay tuned!

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