The Kitchen Reno Diaries

End of 3rd Week Update:

We are now at the “standstill” stage of the renovation. Cabinets, minus doors are in, some painting has been done and we have a working sink. The Caesarstone fabricator was here a week ago for the site measure of the counter tops which then takes anywhere from 10 to 15 days until the installation.

The flooring guy called to let us know the backordered flooring had arrived…fantastic, except our contractor wants to have the countertops installed before the flooring, so exposed concrete is our flooring for the next little while…a little hard on the legs!

Once the countertops are in, the contractor will come back and all hell should break loose with the following to-do list!

DSC_1271 nx2• finish installing the pull-out, full-height pantry
• put on the cabinet doors and add the pulls
• install the backsplash tiles
• install the shiny new chimney fan that will go over the stove
• finish painting the kitchen and dining room
• room install the new baseboards and quarter-round
• change out the baffles on the recessed lighting for the new ones

Then the flooring comes in! And until that time our new appliances are stashed away waiting for that eventful day when both the kitchen and dining room floors are finished…

That’s renovating, hurry up and wait…Oh and let’s hope the faucet that’s backordered from the factory in Germany shows up (supposedly around now)…one can only hope.

But we look on the bright side, because our dishwasher is working and once the kitchen is finished appliance repair guy will install the new stainless door panel! We love our Bosch dishwasher and figured it has a lot of life left so why not simply change out the door panel to match the rest of the appliances?

Just think…probably a month from now I’ll be back to baking bread, cooking up a storm and because of all the “construction,” the entire house will have to be cleaned so I guess my Christmas cleaning will all be done early. We’ve got a trip to Rome in the fall booked as a reward!

It hasn’t been that bad really, just a matter of keeping things simple in the cooking department but I have managed to bake muffins and scones and make a big batch of rhubarb ketchup today…and luckily we do have another fridge! Otherwise, I think there would be a lot of take-out happening!

We are so looking forward to sitting in our dining room with all the furniture back in place enjoying dinner under the chandelier that’s gone out for repairs. I think that will call for a glass or two of bubbles!

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  1. What did you do with the corner cabinet? and where did you put all your stuff? since the dining room is also out of commission.
    We recently bought a new hood fan (on sale from the supplier, couple of hundred bucks for an $800 fan) and I originally thought, well it only involves removing the upper cabinet over the stove, I can live without that cupboard. Then I thought further and realized that since we are moving the stove over 3″ I would also loose that upper cupboard to the right! Where will I store all that crap for the however many more years it takes hubby to get the rest done.

    • I could have sworn I replied to your questions!! But a friend said I failed to do so…oops…sorry…here goes! We installed something called a “kitchen corner optimizer”. We had stuff stashed all over the place…furnace room, back room and any other nook and cranny we could find. And…we got rid of a whole lot of stuff that we should have disposed of years ago! We also installed a chimney style fan over the stove…love it! That cabinet was hardly used and what we did was on the opposite wall we installed a floor to ceiling pantry (12″ wide), as well, over the new fridge is a 21″ deep cupboard…boy that holds a lot of stuff! Basically, you have to re-think the storage thing and maximize it like crazy! We don’t entertain like we used to, nor am I catering any more…so that meant all the extra this and that could go. Seemed to work.

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