Oracibo’s New Look

DSCN9962 nx2We’ve just completed a re-vamp of the Oracibo website!  It’s been very exciting coming up with new ideas that make it more beautiful, and easier to navigate!  Hope you like the changes…we do!

If you have subscribed to the website in the past and are not a new subscriber, you will have noticed that you did not receive a notification when a new recipe was posted, only when a new blog post went up.  We’ve changed that (thank goodness), and you will now get a notification for both recipes and blog posts, a major improvement.  Because of this adjustment, you will need to re-subscribe so you can receive all notifications.  So, fill out the form, submit and a short while later you will receive an email confirmation. The older recipes (400+ of them) are still accessible as before but going forward you will be notified of new ones!

Thank you so much for visiting my site and hope you find it both entertaining and useful!


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    • Thanks Victoria! It’s great to hear you approve! Your site is so lively and interesting just to look at and then you get to read such wonderful things too! Cheers, amica!

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