Me and My Knees, That Thing Called Arthritis – Part Three

In January 2016 it’s time for a re-visit to OASIS to see physio Val! This time we both think it’s getting to be time to see a surgeon, considering it will take around 6 months to do so. I’ve been told that if you are a “patient” of OASIS it speeds up the process of getting the appointment to see the surgeon and the time to surgery.

DSCN0026 nx2I’m very lucky as I have an amazing Doctor who has been very supportive in assisting me along the way, guiding me through the process, putting me in touch with OASIS and recommending exercise programmes. I also have my physio Jenn who has been treating me for at least 5 or 6 years, getting me doing exercises at home and keeping up on my stationery bike riding (having that bike at home is definitely recommended for arthritic knees). She has provided me with all sorts of printed information and will be helping a lot with my rehab. We also have a good friend who is an arthritis specialist, researcher, scientist and physio and she has been providing information along the way too and has recommended a great surgeon. I am indeed fortunate.

My arthritis story will continue with updates along the path to surgery, rehab. and afterwards. I console myself with the thought that there is no way I will be able to return to Italy or the other vacations we have on the books without having the surgery. In fact, we have had to postpone a trip this September, with my sister and her husband to visit Denmark where our father was born. For the time being, I can manage a car-trip that is not too long and perhaps a short 2 or 3 hour flight to visit family and friends in California. Becoming adjusted to the fact that I move slowly, slowly and have to really think about how far I can walk, for the time being, is challenging and frustrating though….and I miss getting down on my hands and knees to do some gardening or being able to use a big shovel to dig out and transplant perennials!

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  1. wonderful photos, thankyou for sharing your stories, with health difficulties your life is very rich and full of enjoyment! Being so positive to continue with your travels , I have faith that your health (knees) will follow and the repair that is needed will also be positive and enable further adventures, discoveries, and pleasure! You are determined and willing to find the way! Inspirering to see and read even for some who at present are armchair travellers! Your life is leading you in some alternate travel time- we never know what that will bring- enjoy – blessings to you and Joe

    • Welcome to the party Yve! Thank you so much for your kind comments. We plan on winning the lottery soon and going back to Rome, first class all the way…hiring drivers, no public transit…I think my knee would like that! Then we wouldn’t have to wait until after the darned surgery and rehab.!

    • That’s so nice of you Frank! No long trips for the time being…hope Italy will be waiting for our return! I wish there were other avenues other than surgery…but that seems to be about the only answer for now!

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