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I just had my second steroid injection in a month…I can almost throw away my cane! Well, not totally but I sure have a lot more mobility!

DSC_1443 nx2I want to be able to walk the Appian Way again like I did in this photo!  And I want to be able to spend hours walking around Villa d’Este and Hadrian’s Villa which we had to take a pass on last October because we didn’t think it possible.  Not only that, if we went I’d be unhappy because I wouldn’t be able to see all I wanted to!

But we took a little excursion last week…actually left the property to visit a friend in Washington State! Amazing! And I walked without pain, thank goodness for my cane and urban walking poles for that extra bit of support!

The past, almost two months, have been what you might call “interesting”…or what I might call “painful.”

When you write a blog you are always on the lookout for interesting (hopefully) things to blog about. This time out it’s more sharing about my knee…lucky you, readers…but please, if you know someone who is suffering with arthritis in their knees or hips, please share this with them.

villa e'esteAbout six weeks ago I began to experience serious pain (like not being able to walk without big-time pain) which made my world a lot smaller. How the heck can you post about fun, interesting things your readers might want to read about when you can’t even leave the house to get fresh ideas and take photos?

I have written a few posts about my adventures with the OsteoArthritis I have in my left knee and what I have been doing to keep my knees in the best possible condition in preparation for knee replacement surgery. I had thought perhaps next January would be a good time for the surgery…well my outlook on that time frame has altered considerably…I want my life back!  I’m still awaiting the appointment with the surgeon (a request was sent in January). Then there’s a wait for the actual surgery, plus the rehabilitation time.

hadrian's villaAnd then there is the bit about not being able to spend time cooking because I couldn’t stand on my leg for more than a couple of minutes without pain. What in the world does a cook do who can’t stand and cook…good question, I’m still searching for an answer.

Four weeks ago I received my first steroid injection. The pain was reduced by between 50 and 60% meaning I could stand and do some cooking with sit-down breaks in between…breaking down the tasks to manageable standing times…very interesting indeed! But that injection has allowed me to return to my pool fitness programme even if it hurts like hell to do the exercises and I’m unable to do some of the things I could six weeks ago…frustrating to say the least, because the whole point was for my knees to be as strong as possible before the surgery and I worry that I will lose what I have worked so hard on over the past few years.

Back to the blog! No cooking, no staging and photographing food shots…things have gone all to hell in a hand basket in that regard! And no “real” travel either…this is not good! How can I write about our trips and food tasting experiences if we can’t travel? You can see the problem!

Talking about trying to get back on track, perhaps now I can get out and about and start posting about things from our beautiful city! Things are always changing so I’m Looking forward to actually exploring some of those changes and sampling some of the newer establishments that are popping up. Fingers crossed!

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