Sea Change?

I must admit that writing and posting on my blog has not been as productive over the last 6 months or so as I would have liked!

For us 2017 has begun with a bang minus the fireworks!

My knee replacement surgery, first scheduled for January 19th, then January 23rd has now been changed to February 6th.  Our condo has every possible space available filled with the necessary medical equipment needed for when I get home from the hospital.  I have to admit, I’m not enjoying looking at things like bath seats, raised toilet seats, walkers, arm crutches and the like…it feels weird to think that I will be needing them all in a few weeks!  Not that I’m unfamiliar with the stuff…my Mother required a lot of the same things in her last few years…who knew we shouldn’t have got rid of her walker!  Actually her walker was kind of cute…we decked it out with lots of bows and ribbons.  Mom had a thing for saving bows and ribbons for as long as we could remember, so we figured it was appropriate!

Our large freezer and two fridge freezers are crammed with things that require reheating.  The only hard part is boiling the water for pasta, cooking it and choosing what sauce we feel like defrosting!  My husband, poor soul, is going to be looking after that end of things for a bit so I’ve tried to make his life as painless as possible, even making an inventory list of what’s in the different freezers.  God knows there’s soup, soup and more soup!  And…there’s a pizza place half a block away and a Chinese delivery place down the road!

On top of the surgery and all physio appointments to get my new knee fully operational, we’ve the task of finding and buying a new place to live!  I know…crazy right?

We had been talking about selling, knowing it was getting time to re-locate.  So, when an opportunity presented itself to sell the entire building at a very good price the owners all agreed it was time.  BUT, we’ve lived at the “Del Rey” for just about 32 years so it’s been very emotional for everyone.  We have been happy here, made friends here, cooked and shared food with so many, enjoying living in a character building that we lovingly renovated, updated and turned into a very comfortable home.  Luckily, we have made arrangements for a six month lease, with an option for another six months if needed.

NOW we need to find a realtor and get out there, going to open houses and praying we find something.  The fly in the ointment is going to be that my surgery and recovery will limit the search for a while, whereas we should be in full-blown, heavy duty search mode!

Both Joe and I are longing to go back to Rome this year, hopefully around September…it’s the “carrot on the stick” that will make us work even harder finding a new home, moving and getting a bit settled.  As long as the bed’s set up and the kitchen functional and the wine glasses are unpacked, I’d be quite happy leaving behind the remainder of the unpacking and heading to Rome for a month!  Who cares…we won’t be there to see all the boxes still needing to be dealt with!

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