Rigatoni With Lentil Ragu

8 thoughts on “Rigatoni With Lentil Ragu”

  1. I like how you shifted the name from Bolognese to Ragout Phyllis! ????.
    I have to admit it would look kind of like a Bolognese and it’s bound to be tasty!

    1. But Chris…the Bolognese would be totally annoyed with me if I called it a Bolognese Sauce…as you know there are rules to be followed! Did you know there is actually an “official Bolognese sauce” recipe recognized by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina? Very strict! And only fresh Tagliatelle/Fettuccine will do, none of that English nonsense with spaghetti! Ragu is remains…not Ragout! Didn’t want the the Bolognese to sic the Sauce Police on me!

  2. Dear Phyllis, Somehow this one slipped through the cracks. Just seeing this now, well into June… Love lentil ragù! In my book it’s. every bit as delicious as the carnivore variety. If we have a chilly night one of these days, I know what’ll be on the menu!

    1. So nice to hear from you Frank…the ragu is good isn’t it! Recently saw your post for Bucatini alla Caruso…this is one that I don’t come across often, although it’s in my very first Italian cookbook “The Family Cookbook: Italian”…the sauce includes chicken livers and mushrooms! I like your version a whole lot more! Don’t know about you but I actually prefer veggie type sauces to heavier meat ones. Tonight’s pasta is Marcella’s pepper and sausage sauce on a pasta shape called fusilli vellinesi (a new shape for us)…Ciao, Frank! I look forward to making the bucatini!

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