Harvest 2012

It seems fitting that I should grow tomatoes, being sort of addicted to them!

This year another attempt was made growing San Marzano’s from seed. I blame the poor harvest on the awful, wet, cold spring this year and that San Marzano’s need to be grown in Sicily!  Luckily, the best tomato ever, Sun Gold’s,  came along quite nicely to make me feel a lot better!

Next year, there will be no growing from seed. That’s it. My mom always grew tomatoes from seed and would give me as many plants as I wanted. THEY always did well. I am giving it up. That’s what the Farmer’s Market is for isn’t it? A decision has been taken and we will only grow 3 Sun Golds and 2 red cherry tomatoes next year. I can’t endure another tomato crop failure, so will plant some pepper plants! Tomato guy at the Farmer’s Market has fabulous tomatoes, so I will buy plum tomatoes for roasting, so there!

A number of years ago, I saw an advertisement from a garden centre about apple trees specifically developed to be grown in pot. Wow, I thought, how cool would that be, to have apples growing in our back yard so I bought two trees.
Every spring they are covered with the most fragrant blossoms and the bees love them and we love that the bees love them. Of course, being an apple orchardist, I fret over the little tiny apples as they are developing, hoping for a good crop. Then, here comes the “weather”!

Before you know it, it’s that dreaded time. I have to remove apples if there are more than two on a cluster. This is hard. I feel awful. But, if you don’t do it, you end up with nothing but small apples. It’s a dilemma for sure! Like I said, earlier, the life of an orchardist can be rough! We had a great crop this year. Juicy, tasty, sweet apples and the best part, shared with friends.

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