The Arrival of Spring

Counting the days until the spring season begins providing us with amazing goodies to enjoy. Hands up if you are as tired of squash as we are!  

the arrival of spring 2Spotted at the Nat Bailey Winter Market little French Breakfast radishes at Sole Food. Fergus Henderson, of St. John’s restaurants in London, England uses the whole thing, leaves and all. May as well give it a go! Next up, thinly sliced the radishes; with soft, cultured, unsalted butter mashed up with a couple of drops of Worcestershire and Tabasco, to be spread on slices of baguette, piled on the radishes; added a pinch of sea salt and a sprinkle of chives and  bit into the first taste of spring. Delicately peppery and crisp, offset by the creaminess of the seasoned butter.

Also spied some new little micro greens. Thoughts of these little greens mixed with the radish leaves, glorious, zingy, especially with a light, lemony vinaigrette!  Wow…it is Spring!

When I look at the list of beauties to come, I can hardly wait and am already dreaming up some things to feature them. Don’t tell my Husband, but I dream of barbequing and have some plans for him too!!

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    • Me too…I can hardly wait for the farmer’s markets to start bringing in all the things we love! OMG and the local asparagus, wow!

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