Favourite Things

A few years ago, while thumbing through a magazine, I came across a room that caught my eye. What jumped out at me from the photos were “those chairs”. I was in love. I had absolutely no idea how important they were or who designed them but I coveted those chairs and still do. I fantasize about completely redoing our dining room, beginning with those chairs. Of course, ultimately this would mean a complete redo of the entire house. Oh well…what we do for love!

Sometime later, I read that Mies van der Rohe (LUDWIG MIES VAN DER ROHE 1886-1969) was the architect who designed them. At the time, I had no idea who he was. It turns out that the BRNO chair is considered to be an icon of 20th century design. Always knew I had great, not to say, expensive tastes. My Mother always said so and she told me that if we ever win the lottery she wants to come shopping with me!

A year or two later, I stumbled on another connection to “my chairs” when I was doing research for my decorating class homework. Mies designed the TD Centre in Toronto.

One summer we planned on going to Toronto. At the time I was working as the chef for an organization in Vancouver whose head offices at the TD Tower in Toronto also had an Executive Dining Room. A colleague thought it would be a smashing idea to arrange a visit and private tour. Interesting “modern design” I thought. Good thing I decided to study interior decorating and finally came to know this man’s work and how important the TD Tower in Toronto is!   On March 27th there was a “Google Doodle” celebrating his birthday!

Mies designs are all about simplicity, profiles, lightness of proportion and clean lines and his cantilevered furniture are all of these things. Thank you Mies!

Copies of his famous “Barcelona”, chairs are being turned out in the thousands and so are the “Brno” chairs. Just goes to show…good design is always good design.

If you are interested in buying the real thing, (sigh), Knoll has the rights to make Mies furniture according to his original designs. Of course at a much higher price that the copy but…when only the real thing will do!

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