More Favourite Things – “Rammed Earth”

A former colleague introduced me to “Rammed Earth” construction a few years ago. I found the concept to be both intriguing and beautiful, I think it works beautifully on the westcoast.   I love the backdrop of the rammed earth walls with modern furniture. Mies van der Rohe displayed his Barcelona furniture in front of granite walls, simply gorgeous! 

If you have gone to visit VanDusen Gardens in the past year and a half, you may have noticed the interesting outside wall along the entrance to the visitor centre. That’s what I am talking about. It’s so organic and so beautiful. In my mind it has a kind of  desert look.


There is a company in B.C. that does this construction. I just love their work! If you want to check them out, go to Terra Firma Builders.  There are photos of projects on the site. I’m impressed!

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