The Dead Zone

Where to meet up for lunch in downtown Vancouver?

I often meet friends for lunch downtown in the Georgia and Granville area, often at least one of us is on our lunch break. We used to meet up at the White Spot at Georgia and Seymour before it shut its doors. Not your gourmet delight but on a limited break it worked. So now that they are gone, there is very limited choice for a quick, hopefully nutritious, reasonably priced place to get together for lunch. What is available is the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Hawkesworth and the very small café on the corner of Georgia & Howe, the Café at the Art Gallery, a bunch of fast food places, the really depressing food court in Pacific Centre basement and the terrific food trucks, a welcome addition to the Vancouver Food Scene. But my friends and I are uninterested in standing outside, eating lunch in Vancouver, in the winter.

In my opinion, this situation is a big dilemma and very frustrating and  every time we plan to hook up for lunch, it’s the same question “where should we have lunch!”

I have been in touch with Nordstrom’s to see what they might bring to the table, so to speak, when they open in the old Sears/Eaton’s (let’s hope they really do a lot of work on the place). They have, in their stores in Washington State: Ebar (for coffee & pastries as well as take-away sandwiches), ESPRESSO BAR , Marketplace Café (a casual café) and a classic full service restaurant called “The Grill”. Their policy is fresh, local, seasonal, so I guess we can only hope.

Unless one has the time to wander further afield to Scuie, or Q4 (not inexpensive for an everyday lunch), it’s pretty trying to find something. And, much further down Granville there are a number of places but again, if you are on a short lunch break, they will probably not work. All over the place in London, England, and on the east coast of the U.S, you find Pret A Manger, very casual, take-away or eat in, self-serve sandwiches, wraps and salads with hot food, coffees, etc. ordered at the front counter. Perhaps something along those lines but on a somewhat larger scale with more seating for those who do want to eat in.

Just a thought.

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