• ChrisB says:

    Sounds fantastic! So what size did you buy? We’re so lucky in Vancouver to be able to get ultra fresh olive oils like that from Amelia and I know that Vancouver Olive Oil Co. brings in incredibly fresh olive oils as they follow the harvests around the world.
    Sure beats that lemon yellow stuff we used to get that was a year old if you were lucky….

    • Phyllis says:

      No kidding…it really does beat the heck out of that stuff that has no harvest date and so on…but we were young then and didn’t know any better and anyway, I wonder where you would have been able to access it? Maybe if you had an Italian family living next door, they might have been able to help out! The new oil seems such a simple thing but once you have had it there’s no going back is there? We got 3L to start with. I order a L every year for my foot Dr. He travels to Italy so knows the deal!

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