My Decorating Hints Part 2

Here is the second installation of a list that I hope will help you create the designer finish you may be looking for. They are the basics/tools that we decorators/designers find help us a lot on a project. I hope that you will find them useful.

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Make sure there is space for guest soaps & towels.

A small space allows you to incorporate extravagant finishes because of the small quantities involved.


Use a warm white instead of the “standard” decorator white for all trim it will look a lot less stark.

You can use containers for wastebaskets or tissue holders other than the standard, perhaps an antique or other lovely container.

When considering the choice of flooring, remember you probably do not want a slippery surface.

Tiles for both flooring and backsplashes in neutral tones are a good choice. You can introduce colour with your choice of wall colour and accessories and they’re a lot cheaper to change!

Tilting Mirrors should be considered as people of any height can use them. If there is a lack of storage you might consider a recessed, mirrored cabinet. Robern makes some really nice ones.

A classic style of bathroom is always a good choice.

A good lighting plan is essential in both bathrooms and powder rooms; using, perhaps recessed lighting and wall sconces. One of the things I often notice is the use of “up-lights” (lights that focus upwards), over a bathroom mirror. It really makes it challenging to put on makeup.

Minimize clutter to increase the sense of space.


Keeping the same layout saves money and time when it comes to plumbing and electrical work.

When choosing both a backsplash and flooring, keep in mind that they are the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen, you see it every day, make sure you really LOVE it!

Continuing the same flooring throughout a small or open concept space gives a sense of spaciousness and creates flow.

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