Busy, Busy, Busy

Yup, it’s the time of the year for all sorts of goodies. Yesterday we received a couple of pounds of fresh Porcini mushrooms! Now…the Italians would go nuts for sure! I mean, they are great at foraging and these fungi are a great prize when found.

DSC_2301 nx2 ver 2What this means is that my entire menu planning for the weekend has just gone out the window! Not only do we have the Porcini but fava beans are now available at the Farmer’s Markets. When we saw some last week we said “for sure we are getting some next weekend.”

So on Saturday we will be barbecuing a Florentine steak with grilled or sautéed Porcini.  We will make some of the favas’ into a kind of salad with  Pecorino cheese.

Sunday will be fresh tagliatelle with Porcini.  It has to be fresh pasta because only the best will do for the Porcini!  Think I will make a veggie “salad” with the local fava’s, asparagus and fresh peas we bought at Trout Lake Farmer’s Market,  for a first primo/first course.

And tonight…I am going to try and re-create the pizza I ate in Gubbio, Umbria. It is a “white” pizza, so simply some chunks of lightly sautéed Porcini, slices of cipolline (onions), lightly sauteed pieces of pancetta and mozzarella. I can almost taste it already.

Someone said “living well is the best revenge” and so is eating well. Our bounty is overwhelming and inspiring at the same time!


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