Don’t Let This Happen To You

Every once in a while my decorating friends and I have been known to share photos of something that may not have achieved an optimum result. We share some “war” stories or “horror stories” and even sometimes shake our heads wondering “what the hell happened”? After all, girls gotta have some fun!

Near where I live is a company that does re-upholstery and  I frequently get to see the furniture they have re-upholstered; some good, some not so! I have a passion for fabrics and have been told that I have a “good eye” when selecting fabrics. The chosen fabric should not only bring out the best in the piece of furniture but enhance the room it will be placed in. My husband’s nickname for me is “the decorating police”. So, naturally, I had to go and take some photos.

Lots of people like to watch decorating shows on T.V. Some think they know all about how to choose furnishings and decorate. Not true! In reality, there is a reason there are professionals out there! They can actually save you from a bad or inappropriate choice and steer you in the right direction and that, in the end saves money. We all want that!

I call this “try not to let this happen to you”. I refer to the fabrics selected for the chairs as “unfortunate choices”. Both chairs have rather ornate, heavy, wood frames. Rather than selecting a fabric that would enhance the frames, it appears as though this did not happen. I sure hope the owners didn’t pay someone to choose the fabrics! If you like how the re-upholstered chairs turned out, I don’t want to know!

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