They’re Gone!

It’s official, it said so in the paper on the weekend…the last of the tiles that covered the exterior of the downtown Vancouver Sear’s store are gone! In my humble opinion, this calls for a celebration…bring on the bubbly!

Sears-Vancouver-ClosingI will always remember the building as the Eaton’s store before they went bust. Too bad, I was always an Eaton’s customer and kind of wished they had not moved from their previous location on Hastings, between Seymour and Richards. Loved all those old glass and wood display cases, the travertine that covered the main floor and especially the old elevators! I hate to say it but I remember there were uniformed attendants in the elevators!

I’ve been downtown a number of times since the work started on the building and it’s exciting to see what will, I hope, be a wonderful transformation (the architectural renderings look pretty cool), of a pretty unwelcoming building. Even with all the concrete posts and metal framing, it looks a lot better! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the redesign incorporates the TD Tower that is next to the building. I have a special place in my heart for that building as I worked on the 29th floor for a long time (miss that view I can tell you)!

Frankly, I am not sure if anyone ever thought it was a great addition to such a prized location. Thank you Lord and thank you Nordstrom’s…keep up the good work!

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