What’s Cooking These First Days of Fall

We’ve said goodbye, sadly, to summer once again but I don’t necessarily want to barge ahead and make stew!  We are still working on the last of those fabulous Sungold tomatoes and Romanesco zucchini from our garden!

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When you grow zucchini, you really need to have a plan!  Every time you step into the garden, there are more!  So this year it’s been zucchini soup, zucchini casserole, farfalle pasta with zucchini and basil, corn/zucchini succotash, muffins and zucchini loaf…whew!  There’s only one left in the garden and it’s destined to become a part of the sauce for vegetarian moussaka.

On our first fall visit to Trout lake Market we found that the “wild guys” had some gorgeous looking chanterelles and we both thought “tagliatelle”.  I am trying to ignore the beets and winter squash for now; like I said earlier, not quite ready even if I have been sorting through some of my favourite fall recipes!  Hey, I have even put together my menu for Thanksgiving dinner and ordered a loin of pork (more about that later).

On a sunny day it’s an amazing time of the year!  Don’t you just love the colour of the sky?  The gorgeous colours the leaves turn, it’s all rather beautiful, even if the nights are getting a little cool; of course, living in Vancouver, we all try and forget that we live in a rainforest!

From the Oracibo kitchen to you:

A toast to you and to the arrival of fall.  It really is a bountiful time!  Enjoy the recipes!

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  1. My tummy is rumbling reading your post & looking at the fabulous photos…sure wish we were neighbors…I’d be more than happy to provide the appropriate vino in order to sample!

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