What’s Been Cooking And Baking?

Well, you might ask!

At this time of the year I seem to go into overdrive with baking!  It really takes me back to my days of all those sandwich lunches but mostly all the baking for the goodie trays that  my “flock” in the executive dining room loved!

DSC_5049 nx2Of course because it’s coming up to Halloween, there has to be a “treat”.

Then of course there are all those pumpkins around and so there has to be a few pumpkin treats to.

And…just for the heck of it:

My California cousin has to have his fruitcake every year and I really like the Irish Fruitcake from Delia Smith’s “How To Cook #1”.  It will be making it’s way to San Diego in a few days!  Considering I used to bake 120 pounds of fruitcake every year, this 4 pounder is small potatoes by comparison!  For some strange reason, I don’t miss the 5 days of fruitcake baking, cutting up the large slabs of cake, wrapping, labelling and delivering to my customers, go figure!

We decided to make some basil oil with the last of our basil, and what’s not to love about brunch on the weekend?

Whew! Now that’s done, time to move onto figuring out what to do with all the quince I bought!

Here’s a really tasty fall menu you might like to make soon featuring my Duncan Pork Stew!

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