3 Mediterranean Dips

I just crave these dips in the summer. Transports me straight to the Mediterranean! Good pita and some great wine; just about perfect. I think dips are a wonderful thing to take to a party or get-together in the summer. Great with my Greek lemon-oregano chicken or marinated lamb. You might want to drain the yogurt … Continue reading 3 Mediterranean Dips

Spot Prawns With Two Dips

Get ‘em still alive. Remove the heads just before cooking. If you are a bit squeamish get your partner (I do), or a friend to do this.  Or you can simply leave them whole. Spot Prawn season begins in May and we get them right off the boats at the dock at Granville Island. They … Continue reading Spot Prawns With Two Dips

My First Arancini

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. The other day I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with that left-over saffron risotto from the other night. Having just returned from Italy guess what sprung to mind? Aww, you guessed! This risotto is not totally traditional…but it worked great! … Continue reading My First Arancini

Mushroom Crostini

For a printer Friendly version of this recipe, click here. Mushroom soup, mushroom pasta sauce, mushroom filled ravioli, so many ideas, so little time, especially for wild mushrooms! If you like, you could change things up a bit by adding a few dried Porcini that have been soaked, drained and chopped or substitute some fresh … Continue reading Mushroom Crostini

Homemade “Boursin” Cheese

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. Boursin cheese can be quite expensive and I think this delicious version makes a great substitute for the bought Boursin. Great on crackers or slices of baguette and it will keep for up to 5 days in the fridge. I often make this around Christmas, … Continue reading Homemade “Boursin” Cheese

Marinated Feta Cheese

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. Easy to put together, great on pita or slices of baguette, or even use in a salad. Use a creamy sheep or goat’s milk feta for the best flavour, also it spreads more readily. The cheese will keep up to 5 days in the fridge.  … Continue reading Marinated Feta Cheese