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Phyllo Cups

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. I find these to be an extremely handy thing to have on hand. They store well in the freezer and can be used for sweet fillings and savoury fillings. Not a bad thing! If you decide to make a bunch and use the whole package […]

Kitchen Tips

Zucchini Marmalade

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. Makes Approximately Six 8 Ounce Jars It’s summer and that means zucchini and lots of it! One of the things I love is marmalade and Chris of Rise Artisan** makes terrific marmalade. Years ago I was given this recipe but turned my nose up until […]

Kitchen Tips

Phyllis’ Kitchen/Cooking Tips

One of the most useful and indispensable things to have is a pepper grinder. Peugeot is a good brand. Having two small electric coffee grinders. One for spices, one for grinding a large amount of pepper. Another extremely useful tool is a rasp (Microplane) for grating citrus zests and for grating cheeses such as Parmigiano […]

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Turkey Or Chicken Salad Sandwich Filling

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. Turkey and chicken salad sandwiches are fabulous in my books.  I have made hundreds of chicken and turkey salad sandwiches using various ingredients and this one is a favourite of mine especially if you use fresh crop apples. Add some lettuce, arugula or mizuna and you’ll have a great sandwich! Makes 4 […]

Kitchen Tips

Mary’s Green Tomato Relish

If you are one of those who are getting into canning or getting back into canning, this is a great relish to make. As a teenager, I used to hang out my girlfriend’s house and spend time with her mom who was a really good cook. I would copy out recipes of hers that I liked […]