Yes, this is going to be one of those posts where I am going to vent! I bought a casual jacket to take with me to London in October, 2012. It’s cozy and warm but light, so perfect for the travel! It’s my everyday fall/winter grocery shopping, farmer’s market jacket and I wear it a lot. … Continue reading Zip-It

Come For Dinner!

Now the holidays are over, the menu planning and entertaining involved is done, I can’t help but think about hosting dinner parties. We invite some friends, try and decide what to cook and in general make ourselves nuts! Have you ever watched “Dinner Party Wars” or better yet the UK version “Come Dine With Me”? … Continue reading Come For Dinner!

It’s Arrived!

    We have eagerly been anticipating the arrival of our 2013 extra virgin olive oil from Amelia, imported directly from the farm in Umbria, since the harvest in November/December. It’s arrived early this year!Umbria produces excellent tasting oil and is as good, or even better than Tuscan oil. On a visit to Montefalco in Umbria, we tasted … Continue reading It’s Arrived!