Pinzomonio, Italian Veggies and Dip

Here is a very simple, light and deliciously refreshing appetizer; especially good if made with produce from your local Farmer’s Market or your own garden!

We had this as an antipasto in Panzano in Chianti a couple of years ago. Everything was locally sourced, perfectly ripe and perfectly crunchy. They make their own seasoned salt** and we always bring a bunch back for friends and ourselves. We use it on steaks, pork or chicken before grilling.

Cherry tomatoes, fennel slices, red bell pepper slices, celery stalks, carrots and whatever else you might like.

Arrange the veggies attractively in a large bowl or on a platter. Serve with the salt and the best EVO you can get your hands on, preferably a “new” oil that is only a few months old. To eat: dip veggies in EVO and then into some of the salt, not too much and buon appetito!

**For a recipe for seasoned salt, please go to my recipe for Sale Aromatico.  If you would like to purchase some seasoned salt, please see my Source List.

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