Salumi Appetizer Platter

I’ve listed my favourites but feel free to improvise with what  appeals to you. Perhaps a jar of marinated vegetables, or grilled zucchini? Don’t hesitate to increase the quantities I’ve given!  Sometimes in the summer on a hot day, this is dinner. A glass or two of wine would not go amiss either!

Makes 4 Servings

50 grams each of 3 different salami**
100 grams of Proscuitto di Parma, sliced thin
3 different types of Italian cheeses, such as Taleggio, Gorgonzola Dolce, Pecornio Fresca, Robiola, Fontina or “Hay & Honey Pecorino”
200 grams marinated olives**
250 – 300 grams marinated artichoke hearts
200 grams marinated mushrooms
250 or more grams marinated red peppers**
Really good Italian Bread or baguettes**

Arrange all your goodies attractively on a platter and serve it forth!  Pass the bread basket & some good wine please!

**If you feel inspired and want to make your own marinated olives or marinated red peppers, please to go Marinated Olives & Marinated Red Peppers With Basil.

**If you are seeking some great bread and excellent quality salami & meats both Oyama & Moccia Urbani are a good bet, please go to My Source List to find locations for Oyama, Moccia & Rise Artisan.

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