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So You Don’t Have The Perfect Kitchen

Me neither!  And no…this is not a photo of our kitchen! Let’s talk reality. We probably won’t have the “great” kitchen unless our lotto numbers come up and we move!  My dad once told me that I cooked wonderful meals without one!  Thanks Dad!  Still… I know, I know, we all stare with envy at the glossy photos and fantasize about […]

Basics & Tips

Piano, Piano – aka Slowly, Slowly!

That’s how our kitchen renovation is progressing! One wee step at a time! Good thing we started this process in November! A pricey custom kitchen would be wonderful to have and if this were twenty years ago, would be well worth it! So, we opted to go for an IKEA kitchen only to discover the Swedes […]

Basics & Tips

How to Make Yourself Go Crazy?

Spending hours and hours sourcing countertop and backsplash products, that’s how! This coming from someone who’s a decorator and has a great eye for pattern and colour! This adventure began a couple of weeks ago. Let’s go look at various porcelain tile and quartz products at a few showrooms and get in touch with a […]