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Buttered Brown Soda Bread & Jam
Baking and Sweet Endings

Brown Soda Bread

Soda Bread is an absolutely delicious easy “bread” to make as there’s no yeast involved! It seems made to be eaten with a strong cheddar cheese. This recipe is comes from Darina Allen’s of Ballymaloe Cookery School. If you can find some of the cheeses from Neal’s Yard such as Lancashire Poacher or Isle of Mull they […]

Bresaola Carpaccio, Pecorino Greens & Lemon
Appetizers, Mains

Bresaola “Carpaccio”

It is important to use a youngish Pecorino and not Pecorino Romano for this dish.  I’d recommend Pecorino Fresca, Pecorino re Nero from Tuscany or a Pecorino from Pienza, if you can find it.  Consider yourself lucky if you’ve got a good cheese shop in your area.  Now’s the time to use that excellent young […]