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Welcome to my blog, Oracibo!

When I began to think about writing a blog, what I wanted to do was share my passion for cooking.  I’ve been an avid cook and baker since I was a young girl.

My first love is Italian cuisine but I never get tired of finding new and exciting ideas and flavours,  except for those dreaded anchovies! I feel fortunate to be part of a network of other dedicated cooks, bloggers and food writers who share their joy of cooking and that special thrill from finding something new to share whether a recipe or a restaurant or a newly published “cookery” book.

I think I had the DSC_1967 nx2best “job” ever as corporate chef for a top Canadian bank for fifteen years and did I ever get to have fun springing new things on those bankers! For me it always was about being able to cook and share the foods I’ve prepared. And I’ve certainly been able to do that and still do that  especially  like it when I’m baking!

My husband and I began traveling in 2007 (after paying off that pesky mortgage). Three weeks in Tuscany and Umbria and we were in love!  Doesn’t hurt that besides my “food thing”, my husband is a photographer! Since that first trip we’ve spent time in London, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna.  But we seem to have fallen in love with Rome, returning as often as possible!  We’ve made great friends there, eating together, sharing stories and simply loving spending time with each other.  Of course, they’re cooks and food lovers too!

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