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I think of  myself as a “Recipe Detective.”  I’ve spent a lifetime testing and researching recipes, tracking down ingredients and messing about making foods from different cultures.

A number of years ago, after 15 years, I retired as corporate chef of a large financial institution in Vancouver, B.C.   If ever there was a job “custom made” this was it!  I loved going to work!  That wasn’t the end of my cooking career though!  From there I moved on to run my catering company for a few years until…

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I signed up for a diploma programme for interior decorating courses and upon graduation got a job with a Interior Design firm for a couple of years.

We traveled to Italy for the first time 2007, a life-changing experience.  Did this re-awaken my passion for food?  It sure did!  To be able to cook with ingredients that I had only read about was simply incredible and we have returned many times since…of course!

It’s a privilege to share with you the buckets of cooking knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years and I hope the recipes will get your creative juices flowing!  The travel posts, hopefully will bring a smile of remembrance if you have visited the places we have or will give you some insights if you are planning a trip.

Grazie mille to my husband, Joe Millman photographer par excellence, who is responsible for most of the wonderful photos on this blog.  He has encouraged and supported me and I owe him much.

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