Our Never Ending Italian Learning Curve!

2 thoughts on “Our Never Ending Italian Learning Curve!”

  1. You look very happy in that photo! We’ve only been to Italy once, but it was a lovely three weeks. Mostly central and northern Italy. So much to see. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy Venice and Florence, just because I’m happier in villages, but I certainly proved myself wrong! Great post.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post. Last spring was our 6th time there…obviously we love Italy! We spend a lot of time in Rome now as we now have friends there and it’s just so lovely to see them. The other regions we’ve spent time in are Tuscany for about 7 weeks over the years and in Umbria for about a month. Umbria is great too and I don’t think it’s as overrun as Tuscany. As far as Venice…never been and even though it looks gorgeous…the crowds of tourists would be unpleasant…so will just have to see it in Canaletto’s works of art! We’ve spent a fair bit of time in Florence as well…rented an apartment near S.M.N. Church. Actually spent a day there last spring with a friend…took the fast train down from Bologna. It took all of 32 minutes, station to station. Will definitely do that again…maybe up from Rome to Bologna. We simply did not spend enough time there! Our first trip there was in ’07 and Italy seems to have captured us!

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