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At The Races

A long time Facebook friend, someone I communicate with often, lost her elderly, ailing mom not too long ago.  While spending the last days with her mother, she was sharing her feelings on Facebook.  I private messaged her a few times just to let her know how much I was thinking of her hoping it may bring her some comfort knowing other friends shared her sadness and sense of loss. This post is not about losing our mothers but rather about how Deb’s experiences brought back so many memories of the days spent, 6 ½ years ago, when my sister and I were experiencing and sharing the same experience when our mother was moving toward the end of her time with us. 

There was one Sunday, a day when the Belmont Stakes horse race was going to be run.  The Belmont Stakes is among the  top-attended American thoroughbred  racing events and as it was being run the day of that particular visit, my husband suggested we ask mom if she wanted to see the race…are you kidding!  Of course!  By this time she was pretty much spending all her time in bed.  My sister and I crawled up on her bed with her to watch.  Once we turned on the T.V.  she really got into the spirit of things.  Next thing we knew she was taking bets from all of us, holding out her hand for money!  Brings a smile to my face just thinking about that!  She watched the race so intently…it was incredible to see her so happy watching something she truly loved! 

Now, to put you in the picture, our mother was a huge, huge fan of horseracing.  She came by her love of horses growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, often going to Hastings Park track here in Vancouver by herself and absolutely loving it!  I remember one time she told me that my husband and I should go and I basically said “not interested.’’  Stupid me!  As chance would have it, a very good friend invited us to join him and his wife at the track one afternoon.  Not necessarily thrilled about the whole thing, I went along with the plan anyway.  Here’s the kicker…once I heard the sound and felt the vibration of those horses pounding  by, I was completely hooked.  It was simply incredible…the horses were beautiful!  Can’t remember if she said “told you so” or not!

OK mom!  I got it! 

It was a very special way to spend an afternoon with our mother…just 4 days later she left us…but what a happy memory she left us with, her sitting up in bed , so excited seeing the horses…thanks mom.

And thanks to Deb for being able to share, allowing me to reflect and to remember our mother in such a wonderful way.


  1. What a lovely memory Phyllis, thank you for sharing it.❤️

    • Thanks Carolyn. It really is something cheerful that took place during her last week with us, so a very, very special memory indeed!

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