Christmas at Number 5

Just a quick little post to show off our lovely “pot-luck” Christmas dinner!

Christmas is about sharing with family but also being with good friends, so it was a pleasure to spend the evening with Andrea and Kevin.  Kevin decided it would be an excellent idea if he were to roast a prime rib using the fabulous Kamado Joe charcoal barbecue.  How can you have roast beef without Yorkies I ask you???  You’ll see from the pics.  they turned out beautifully, light and crisp, just waiting for the Andrea concocted.  And to finish…the crowning glory, Christmas pudding with fluffy brandy-clementine infused sauce…warm pudding and cold sauce…perfect!








I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did!
















And I would like to wish you all and happy, healthy and prosperous 2019…Felice Anno Nuovo/Happy New Year!










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  1. OMG – What a perfect feast!! Maybe we should all invest in a triplex and you two other couples could cook for us……. Happy New Year!


    • Thanks Mimi! But there may be a dog breed called Yorkie??? Yorkshire Terrier? It’s a shame not to have Yorkshire Puddings more often but how often do we cook up a Prime Rib these days!!! Maybe they would be good with a beef stew or anything beefy with loads of good sauce! Happy New Year to you and your family! Adventures await us in 2019!

  2. Where is the recipe for the damned Yorkshire puddings??? Mine stopped puffing a couple of years ago after many years of successful results. I must have become complacent and am doing something wrong without realizing.

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