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Pesto: What’s in a Name?

It seems to be everywhere…and not just the molto famoso “Ligurian” pasta with potato and green beans with trofie pasta but dribbled or drizzled on anything you can imagine. But is that really “pesto?” Or, has the term “pesto,” which derives from the Italian pestare, meaning to pound or grind using a mortar and pestle, […]

Sharon's New Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment, Making Tagliatelle
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A New Toy!

The the spring of 1986 brought with it a nice income tax return in my hot little hands and I knew exactly where I was going to spend it! Back in the day, Kitchen Aid stand mixers were not as easily found as they are now and once I did a bit of leg-work, I […]

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“Official” Bolognese Sauce

This is it!  “The official” sauce from Bologna and their Chamber of Commerce.  Buon appetito! 400 grams fresh (never use spaghetti) pasta dough made with 4 eggs 300 grams minced beef – the recommended cut is thin flank (aka skirt or  finta cartella in Italian) but any good quality mince will do. 150 grams unsmoked […]

Blog Post Photo, Bolognese Sauce on Tagliatelle
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About Bolognese Sauce

I am not a Bolognese Sauce snob, really!  Here’s a little crash course on the sauce in question. There are many ideas on how to make a “proper” Bolognese sauce and the “correct” pasta to be used. Firstly, the sauce is a rather refined and delicate one. However, over time, it has become rather corrupted. […]