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Greek Butter Cookies with Cloves
Baking and Sweet Endings

Greek Butter Cookies

Getting a “leg-up” on my Christmas baking by starting with these buttery little morsels that have just a hint of anise flavour. They’re good keepers and freeze well!  You can use either blanched or unblanched almonds to make the cookies.  I’ve been baking these off and on for over 40 years…the original recipe is taped […]

Christmas Baking, Shortbread with Tuscan Lily Stamp
Baking and Sweet Endings

Mom’s Shortbread

Mom made these every Christmas and we loved them so much.  No secret that we got caught with your hands in the cookie jar on more than one occasion!  So buttery and delicious! When I worked as a corporate chef, come Christmas season I must have made thousands of them both for the dining room […]

My Stollen With Almond Paste
Baking and Sweet Endings

“German” Stollen

Making this bread is a tradition and a treat to enjoy on Christmas morning, with coffee, sitting up in bed opening Christmas stockings! It’s not difficult to make and while things are rising, you can decorate your house! For years I’d made two Stollen for the parents of a very good friend.  They were all […]

Blog Post Photo, Candied fruit, Campo de Fiore, Rome, Italy
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Woes of a Modern Day Baker

Us bakers are gearing up to get baking our Christmas goodies! Aah…I can smell those mince tarts right now! Every time one of my recipes specifies candied fruit I feel so annoyed with what we have available to us here! All we can get these days, at least at retail level, are the chopped up […]

Blog Post Photo, Christmas Baking, Shortbread with Cherry Garnish
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What Will There Be This Year?

Today is the big day the Christmas cake I make every year for my San Diego cousin has just been mailed off to him! Fingers crossed it arrives safely, or should I say all in one piece, in a few days! And this now to write my list of what Christmas baking I’m going to […]

Blog Post Photo, Christmas Baking & Memories
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Baking Day And Christmas Memories

It’s the time of the year I always look forward to!  Being in the kitchen and baking not only traditional goodies for Christmas but a few new things to change it up a bit. Memories always rise up when the house fills with the aromas of Mom’s shortbread, mince tarts, Christmas cakes, and stollen for […]