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Greek Butter Cookies with Cloves
Baking and Sweet Endings

Greek Butter Cookies

Getting a “leg-up” on my Christmas baking by starting with these buttery little morsels that have just a hint of anise flavour. They’re good keepers and freeze well!  You can use either blanched or unblanched almonds to make the cookies.  I’ve been baking these off and on for over 40 years…the original recipe is taped […]

Christmas Cookies, Drei Augen (3 Eyes) with Red Currant Jelly Filling & 1 Hole Only
Baking and Sweet Endings

Drei Augen (Three Eyes)

After receiving rave reviews all Christmas Season for these cookies that I’d not made for years for some unfathomable reason, I thought it was time I added it to my Oracibo recipes.   The recipe for these absolutely wonderful little currant jelly filled beauties comes from the late Carol Field.  I was unable to find my pastry […]

Walnut Shortbread Cookies with Strawberries
Baking and Sweet Endings

Walnut Shortbread

In my former life as a corporate chef, we made all sorts of cookies, probably by the thousands! These cookies have long been a favourite! So nice and delicate. I especially like to serve them with fresh fruit during the summer when there are lots of berries, peaches, nectarines (tossed with a bit of sugar […]