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Spring – What’s In Season??

Early To Late Spring: A bevy of wonderful, fresh, local delicacies are coming into season. Once tasted, never forgotten! June brings juicy, jewel red strawberries with cream; just thinking about them makes my mouth water. Halibut comes into season in April. I love this fish, especially when marinated and barbecued. In May come the spot […]

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Chickpeas And Me

It’s not that I totally hate them! I absolutely love hummus and the fried chick peas at Campagnola restaurant. Other than that, well they have that same mealy texture that I hate in lima beans. It’s simply a texture thingy. Oh, I like most other dried beans, just to set the record straight! So…a few […]

Summer Vegetables and Sides

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. One of the highlights of summer are the tomatoes, fresh from the garden, or from your local Farmer’s Market. They are so sweet and luscious and yummy. This is my take on a Canadian Living recipe. It’s fabulous with chicken, barbecued Italian herbed ribs or Italian fennel sausages. […]

Summer Pasta

Bucatini alla Chiummenzana

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. What to do with all those cherry tomatoes in the garden! This slightly spicy tomato sauce hails from Capri and it’s terrific.  I found some fresh artichokes**at the Farmer’s Market this week, so I decided to make stuffed artichokes for the first course, followed by the […]

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Fried Zucchini Blossoms

When I read about fried zucchini blossoms years ago, I thought they sounded amazing!   So the first time I saw blossoms at the Farmers Market, I had to buy them!   My niece was a little unsure when she tried them, but declared that “these are better than French fries!” Consider yourself lucky if you have […]