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Basics & Tips

Feast of Fields ’15

This year’s event took place at the UBC Farm. Always a treat to go with two very close friends, they’re the people who convinced us to join them for our (not theirs) first trip to Italy. We shall be ever in their debt! Local restaurants as well as a number of other folks get to […]

Basics & Tips, Summer's Bounty

Feast of Fields 2013

Once again, another fun Sunday afternoon spent bouncing from one stall to the other at this late summer event aka FOF! The weather was fine and the location at Krause Berry Farms, we all thought, one of the best spots for this event. What was with those damned wasps? There must have been thousands of […]

Basics & Tips, Fall Harvest

Feast of Fields 2012

Well, here we are, once again, at the Feast of Fields, hereafter referred to as “FOS”, nibbling & sipping our way through a Sunday afternoon! Farm Folk/City Folk organizes this fundraising event every summer. FOS  really does celebrate “Summer’s Bounty”! FOS takes place at a different venue every year. This time in Maple Ridge hosted by […]