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Barbequing and Grilling

Joe’s Pork Ribs

My husband makes these sensational ribs and we can hardly wait to have them each summer! The barbecue sauce can be made up to a week ahead; the addition of coffee lends a rich level of flavor. I usually make the rub

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Fall Vegetables and Sides

Hawksmoor’s Pickled Red Cabbage

A recipe from the Hawksmoor At Home cookbook that’s become a standard fall thing at #5! We are giving this recipe a definite two thumbs up! The restaurant “Hawksmoor” is a London Steakhouse just around the corner from the Guildhall

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Barbecued Thai Ribs

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. There is just something about a coconut milk marinade and pork! I like to serve the ribs with a rice noodle salad or a Chinese noodle salad. Begin preparing the

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What’s Been Cooking This Week?

Yes, it’s still summer but most of the apples have been harvested from our two trees, they are so good!   And just this morning, we brought in all the remaining Sungold cherry tomatoes that still need to ripen.  They tend to split from

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Pork Ribs With Lime Tequila BBQ Sauce

For a printer friendly version of this recipe, click here. I’ve been making these forever and they are still really high up on my list of really tasty ribs. There’s nothing like good ribs despite the sticky fingers! Makes 4

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Pre-Cooking Spareribs

I have seen many recipes that ask for the ribs to be pre-cooked before finishing on the barbecue. The recipe asks that the ribs be separated and then boiled for some time. Oops…I think this method not only toughens the meat but a

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