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Spaghettini With Italian Sausages

This recipe somehow ended up on the bottom of my pasta file! We made it last night & had, I hate to admit, a Pasta Pig Out! Oops! Is it just me, or does everyone like cold spaghetti in the middle of

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Tomato Sauce With Herbs

This is my standard go to when I need a quick tomato sauce . Besides using it  to dress pasta,  I use it for pizza and for eggplant parmigiana among other things.  I hate anchovies, so I leave them out! Makes Enough Sauce For 3/4

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Fall Pasta

Spaghettini With Lemon And Garlic

A great variation of the Italian favourite, spaghettini aglio, olio e pepperoncino; with the addition of lemon juice and lemon rind. I especially like this type of pasta in the summer as a “primi” (first course) followed by a “secondo”

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Marinated Tomato Pasta Sauce

A terrific summer pasta on a hot day; freshly cooked pasta tossed with a room temperature sauce.   We grow Sun Gold, Red Cherry Tomatoes and San Marzanos for summer cooking.  I love the idea that the sauce sits and marinates on the counter

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