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It’s Russian Soul Food! Borscht is a part of my family heritage. During the year there are times when “I just gotta have some”. When I eat borscht, my Husband says it’s like I am having a religious experience! The version in  my recipe section is not the purple, beety one, it is more of a vegetable soup. […]

Salads, Soups and And Sandwiches

Red Pepper Soup

I like using the last of the local summer red bell peppers to make this soup.  However, during the rest of the year, hot house red bell peppers work nicely too. You could serve the soup as a main course or as a first course. I recommend using Thai rice, it adds such a nice […]

Salads, Soups and And Sandwiches

Pureed Vegetable Soup

This is a lovely soup that I like to make with veggies from the Farmer’s Market and herbs from the garden. It’s nice to serve as a first course or as a main course served with wholegrain bread and perhaps some cheese. Once the veggies are prepped, it’s a cinch to throw together! I have […]

Salads, Soups and And Sandwiches

Okra and Corn Chowder

  This soup is a perfect reason to use those late summer veggies. I like okra a lot and I think it is underrated…although some won’t agree.  You can substitute green beans if you wish. What can I say about fresh yellow corn on the cob, divine! I’ve never been a fan of chowders with […]