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Blueberry Pie with Mom's Dessert Fork, Crochet Cloth
Baking and Sweet Endings

Making Pie Dough

Being able to turn out a decent pie crust is not that difficult, really!  Follow these steps and I think you’ll like the results whether you’re a newbie or an old hand at pastry making. My Mom’s Pastry For Pie’s

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Seasoned Butters

So simple to make but adds so much oomph to a piece of grilled fish, meats or poultry. Citrus & Mint Compound Butter for Fish 8 oz. unsalted butter, room temperature 1-2 tsp. each finely grated lemon, Meyer lemon if

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Toasting Nuts

I seem to use a lot of nuts in my cooking and baking so I thought I should include my methods for toasting them. Hazelnuts:  Preheat oven to 275 F. Spread shelled nuts in a shallow baking pan and roast

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Ingredients Shown for Making Stock
Good Things to Know

How To Make Stock

Chicken, turkey, beef, veal, lamb and vegetetable stocks are like having gold in your freezer (well, not really, but you get my meaning I hope.)  Normally I try to have a fair bit of chicken stock as I use that

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How To Make Sale Aromatico (Aromatic Salt)

You’ll find that Tuscan home cooks and chefs make an aromatic salt such as this one.  It’s terrific on pork, chicken for starters.  But experimentation is half the fun… You can reduce the recipe by half but it does store

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