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Short Ribs Asian Style, Carrots, Star Anise, Rice

Asian Beef Shortribs

My parents often cooked shortribs because they were one of the least expensive meats you could get from the butcher and we liked them a lot!  Those days are gone! It’s the same with oxtails. But they are so delicious that every once in a while we like to cook some for a treat. Chinese […]

Bowl of Meatballs with Ginger/Spice Sauce

German Style Meatballs with Ginger/Spice Sauce

Meatballs are hard not to like! They’re quick and easy and you can have a meal on the table in no time, and the are child friendly too! I think these are especially good with mashed potatoes, Colcannon (a mashed potato/cabbage combo.) or buttered noodles and a green veg. Makes 4 Servings For the Meatballs: […]

Oxtails with Chorizo, Red Wine, White Bowl
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Braised Oxtails With Chorizo

Unctuous oxtails with a Spanish twist. I think of them as Matador oxtails and wonder if the Spanish eat oxtails, considering. A saffron scented rice would go very well with the oxtails, or if you are feeling lazy, then some crusty bread would be perfect! Makes 3 or 4 Servings 3 lbs. (2 – 3” […]