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Mary Berry's Treacle Tart with Lattice Crust
Baking and Sweet Endings

English Treacle Tart

Whenever I would hear or read about this tart I would get all shivery thinking it would be unbearably sweet! One day, not long after returning from a trip to London, England, throwing caution to the wind, I decided to try and make one. It’s lovely! Nice and lemony and not overly sweet! The lattice […]

Canterbury Apple Tart. Apples & Pie Server
Baking and Sweet Endings

Canterbury Apple Tart

This is the first installment of my English Tart series. This is an absolutely addictive tart and may become our go to choice for Thanksgiving dinner!  We get Bramley Seedlings and dessert apples came from our farmer’s market where we can get all sorts of heirloom apples in the fall. Makes One 11” Tart Pastry […]

Blog Post Photo, Bakery Window, London, England
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English Tarts Aka “A Bunch Of Tarts”

What’s in a name, well…According to the Oxford Dictionary a “tart” could be: 1.  A woman who is a bit, shall we say, very forthcoming with her favours. 2.  Make oneself look attractive with clothes or makeup, “tart oneself up”. 3.  Improve the appearance of “tart up”. 4.  Sharp or acid in taste. 5.  An […]

Baking and Sweet Endings

English Bakewell Tart

While in London last fall, I simply had to find a Bakewell Tart! Crazy, but there you are. I thought we had found one in a bakery, but it turned out that either their interpretation was not what I considered a Bakewell Tart or she gave us the wrong tart; which meant that when we […]