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English Tarts Aka “A Bunch Of Tarts”

What’s in a name, well…According to the Oxford Dictionary a “tart” could be:

1.  A woman who is a bit, shall we say, very forthcoming with her favours.
2.  Make oneself look attractive with clothes or makeup, “tart oneself up”.
3.  Improve the appearance of “tart up”.
4.  Sharp or acid in taste.
5.  An open pastry case containing a sweet or savoury filling.

I’m talking #5 in this case and I hope it will be your “cup of tea!”

While in London last fall, we decided to sampled a number of different English tarts, or as the English refer to dessert, puddings. Since returning I have been conducting “research” for the betterment of us all!

It started with a “Canterbury Apple Tart” and moved on from there to a “Treacle Tart,” then a “Bakewell Tart” followed by a “Quince Tarte Tatin,” not English, but I’m on a roll and a “Lemon Tart.”  For fun, I included my “Apple “Pie With Streusel Topping.” Of course, I realize this could end up going on forever!  I haven’t even begun my “research” on savoury pies!

So far the feedback from my professional tasters has been very positive which brings me to want to share my “tarts” with you!

If you would like to make any of these “puddings” click the links.

      Canterbury Apple Tart
      Treacle Tart
      Bakewell Tart
      Quince Tarte Tatin
      Apple “Pie” With Streusel Topping
      Lemon Tart

Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

A reminder when baking to make sure you use dry and wet measuring cups.  It makes a difference!



  1. Beautiful blog, Phyllis. One can see the designer behind it. And terrific photography. What is Oracibo? Or do you mean, Ora, Cibo?

    • Thank you Julia for your positive comments, it means a lot! All the photography for the blog is done by my husband. He is a very talented non-professional and I am lucky to be married to him for many reasons! Who knew we would be working together on a project! The name Oracibo is a made up word from two words ora (hour or hour of) cibo (food) and I just combined the two for fun and it looks good in the logo!

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