Meat On The Bone

It’s birthday week!

A bit of tradition has been created for my birthday over the last few years and that would be a large, perfectly aged, prime rib steak on the bone. My husband takes charge of all the preparations, picks up the steak from the butcher, seasons the steak, barbecues it until it’s a perfectly cooked “rare” steak. Yumm….

_DSC2252.jpg nx2


Then, in my opinion, comes the best part.

My guilty pleasure is the bone. I eat a little bit of the steak but then it’s time for picking up the bone with my hands and chewing off all the gorgeous, succulent, juicy meat remaining! Sure it’s a bit messy but who cares! That’s what napkins are for!

What about accompaniments you might ask? My absolute favourite is a crisp salad dressed with blue cheese dressing. What the heck is it about beef and blue cheese? I think it’s a match made you know where!

Now, where are those presents???





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    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for the good wishes, much appreciated. There are a number of things scheduled on different days! Fun!

      Ciao, P

  1. Happy Birthday Phyllis!
    But…. as far as I’m concerned if there is no money shot of you taking on that beef slathered bone it didn’t happen 😉

  2. Hey Cuz – your birthday dinner sounds fantastic – can’t wait to see the photos. The weather in Vancouver sounds perfect for a BBQ. Way to go Joe! Happy Birthday – love, Ken & Marcia

    • Hey, thanks the steak was absolutely fabulous! Continuing on for a few days more of celebrations, as it should be!

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