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Blog Post Photo, Rib Eye Steak for 2 on the Weber
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Meat On The Bone

It’s birthday week! A bit of tradition has been created for my birthday over the last few years and that would be a large, perfectly aged, prime rib steak on the bone. My husband takes charge of all the preparations, picks up the steak from the butcher, seasons the steak, barbecues it until it’s a […]

Blog Post Photo, Porchetta on Weber
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Barbecue Junkies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Woo hoo, let’s get out those barbecues! Let’s just pray there is no rain! Our Weber covered kettle barbecues can always we counted on.  We’ve gone through a few of them and love how delicious everything turns out. When we purchased our first one, we went out […]