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Sauteed Cabbage With Proscuitto
Vegetables and Side Dishes

Cabbage With Proscuitto

A typical Italian vegetable preparation, except we don’t cook our veggies for as long!  Italians have a way with veggies and that’s a fact! I’ve used pancetta, guanciale and double smoked bacon, all  were good.  If you like young collard greens, you might like to try cooking them this way.  When I did, everyone liked […]

Spaghetti La Matriciana with Parsley Leaf
Pasta, Gnocchi and Polenta

Spaghetti La Matriciana

This is one of the most popular of the Roman pasta dishes.  The Romans and me! I had it for lunch one day at Ristorante Maccheroni in Rome where they used rigatoni. My preference is spaghetti.  Romans also like to use bucatini for their La Matriciana. You decide! The crucial element is the guanciale (cured […]